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Subhra Kumar

₹ 48,000

My ‘everyday’ is an exercise in assimilation—newspapers filled with political scandals and dodgy scams and tempestuous coffee-table tête-à-tête on social awareness. Roads and alleys teeming with multi-shaded faces or an angry outpour of frustrated office-goers in jam-packed rush-hour buses—I absorb all these, day-in and day-out. Overwhelmed, I sometimes go into hibernation, lying in bed I start dreaming.

In my dream I walk down unknown alleyways,meeting interesting people on my way. These people are busy struggling for their basic needs. But, somehow they never forget to smile when I pass by... A dream of a realistic shade that gives me light. With this, I start my day…

My life’s journey is with these people and in the stories they have to tell. Their faces come together to create different shades of life, making sure that the journey of life is not a lonely one. Inside each seemingly ordinary person is an extraordinary tale, waiting to be told. My paintings tell the tale of these people, who inspire me to be positive despite all odds. The richness of their hearts, the warmth of their love, and zeal for life is simply infectious. Their simplicity and purity is sure to make you fall in love.

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