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Horse power


                    As an artist I feel and love horse and his powers,bcs I feel in this universe we  all are by birth energetic.b ut we are ignore it and alway dependable others.

I learn from his concentration,focus,and fitness like a king. But one thing is missing thing is horses galloping. When ever he under galloping everything is controlled and focus it.without galloping horse is uncontrolled.that is the main key point.

In contemporary world I analysis on thing is, if we controlled our 5 organs like: eye,ear,nose,tongue,mouth.we will be definitely reach our goal.....otherwise we are behaving like without galloping horses energy.and miss use.

Man always symbolise a horse power.

Women also a soft like flower etc.

Understanding the energy field between horses and humans can help you better connect with your horse.

As electromagnetic beings, we all have an energy field around us called the aura. Every human, every animal, each blade of grass, each animate and even inanimate object has a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates it and emits its own characteristic radiation.

In a herd of wild horses, this would be what is referred to as a “sixth sense”, since the horses are in dynamic communication with each other by feeling into the herd. If something is suspicious to one horse, the whole herd reacts. Each individual doesn’t have to “know” what is going on – he or she trusts the greater good of the herd.

This energetic tracking system innately built into our equine companions is also what helps them decipher what kind of a mood you are in and what you are feeling. Horses feel into us. If our energy field seems good, they can trust the greater good of our relationship with them.


Manoj Mohanty



  • Acrylic-on-canvas
  • Dimensions: 24 X 24 Inches
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